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Business Area

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■ Some special products for the inverter industry
  ● Special frequency converter for stone (wood) processing
  ● Special inverter for woodworking equipment
  ● Inverter for wire drawing machine
  ● Special inverter for construction machinery
  ● Inverter dedicated for tension control
  ● Special frequency converter for centrifugal equipment
  ● Special frequency converter for hoisting
  ● Special frequency converter for spinning frame
  ● Explosion-proof dedicated inverter for mining
  ● Special inverter for air compressor
  ● Special frequency converter for pumping unit
  ● Special inverter for machine tool industry
  ● Special frequency converter for water supply

■ General products in the inverter industry
  ● High-performance vector control/torque control inverter (voltage grade: 220V, 380V, power range: 0.4kW~500kW)
  ● High-performance vector control inverter (voltage grade: 220V, 380V, 690V, 1140V, power range: 0.2kW~3MW)
  ● High-performance general-purpose inverter (voltage grade: 110V, 220V, 380V, 690V, 1140V, power range: 0.2kW~3MW

■ Servo drive
  ● Synchronous Servo Drive
  ● Asynchronous servo drive

■ Motor
  ● Servo spindle motor
  ● Two-speed servo spindle motor
  ● Motorized Spindle
  ● AC asynchronous (synchronous) servo motor
  ● AC asynchronous servo spindle (feed) motor

  ● Hipmont PLC/HMI
  ● Xinje PLC/HMI
  ● Wecon PLC/HMI
  ● Hexin PLC/HMI
  ● Delta PLC/HMI

■ Elevator products
  ● Freight elevator integrated controller
  ● Integrated elevator controller

■ Control cabinet and complete system
  ● PLC cabinet complete system integration
  ● Complete inverter cabinet system
  ● Complete set of water supply inverter cabinet (PLC cabinet)
  ● Aluminum-plastic equipment control system
  ● Glass equipment control system
  ● Development of complete production line control system
  ● Environmental protection equipment PLC cabinet (PLC frequency conversion cabinet) complete set
  ● Washing equipment control system
  ● Hydrology and water resources monitoring system
  ● Soil Moisture Monitoring System

■ Instrumentation
  ● Flowmeter
  ● Remote control module
  ● Photovoltaic Controller
  ● One tow multiple water supply control module


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