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Product and team resource advantages
   First-line mainstream brand partners; first-line brand software and hardware development team resources; industry system integration experts.

Customized product development
  The senior R&D service team with 20 years of R&D experience guarantees that it can provide professional customized products and technical services according to the different technical needs of customers.

Complete production technology of high-end frequency conversion and PLC control cabinet
   has more than 20 years of control cabinet complete design, production and construction experience, more than 20 years of automation product field application experience and industrial automation system integration development and application experience, adopting national and industry high-tech standards.

Years of rich field application and service experience
With more than 15 years of industry sales and pre-sales and after-sales service personnel, we can choose a better product combination for customers according to different site needs, reduce product failure rate and increase product service life, and bring greater economy to customers benefit.



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