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Product Q&A


Common problems and debugging methods of Hippomonte inverter

1. Frequently asked questions: Terminal start forward and reverse settings

     Debugging method: (1) DI1 and COM indirect forward switch K1, DI2 and COM indirect reverse switch K2 (HD09 and HD09-S connected to GND), F00.11= 1, (F15.00=2, F15.01=3, F15.16=0, factory default value, only need to be confirmed).

                        (2) Turn on K1 forward, turn on K2 reverse, and turn on and off at the same time.

2. Frequently asked questions: Analog speed control (0-10V or 4-20mA) operation panel potentiometer speed control

     Debugging method: (1) DC0-10V voltage signal: AI1/AI2 is connected to signal +, GND is connected to signal -, the potentiometer wiring is as follows:


                     (2) DC4-20mA current signal can be connected to AI2 and GND (AI3 of HD50 is also supported), and also pay attention to AI2 Jumper CN6 (HD30), CN4 (HD20), CN5 (HD50), and short-circuit pins 2 and 3.

                       (3) Parameter settings:

                                   a. Use AI1 channel: F00.10=3 , F16.01=2

                                   b.Use AI2 channel: F00.10=3 ,F16.01=0, F16.02=2, when using 4-20mA input, also need to modify F05.00=33313, F05.05=20%

                                   c.Use panel potentiometer: F00.10= 3 or 10, F16.01=0, F16.00=2


3. Frequently asked questions: Use the panel to set the operating frequency

     Debugging method: F00.10 (frequency setting channel selection)=0, F00.13 (running frequency digital setting) adjusted according to actual demand, F03.01 (acceleration time)/F03. 02 (Deceleration time) is adjusted according to actual needs.

4. Frequently asked questions: Use terminal numbers to set the frequency

     Debugging method: F00.10 (frequency setting channel selection)=1 (terminal digital selection), F15.02 (DI3 terminal function selection)=17 (UP frequency increasing), F15.03 (DI4 terminal function selection=18 (DN frequency decrement), F15.12 (terminal UP/DOWN acceleration/deceleration rate)=1Hz/s (set according to actual situation)

5. Frequently asked questions: Multi-speed parameter settings

     Debugging method: 4 multi-speed terminals can support 15-speed settings. For example: when DI3-DI6 is selected as the multi-speed terminal: correspondingly set terminal F15.02-15.05 function 13-16, and then set the corresponding frequency F06.00-06.14.

6. Frequently asked questions: Restore factory settings

     Debugging method: F01.02=1

7. Frequently asked questions: The display screen does not light up

     Debugging method: (1) Observe whether the power indicator is normal after power-on, and confirm that the input power is normal, the panel connection is reliable, and whether the main control board power supply 10V, 24V on the inverter is normal If it is a high-power machine with a keyboard connection line, you also need to check whether the connection line from the inverter main board to the panel base is well connected.

                        (2) Under the premise of reliable panel connection and normal power supply, the main control board 10V, 24V power supply is abnormal, Most of the machine is damaged, consider repairing. For machines with 7.5Kw and above, it is also necessary to confirm whether the shorting link between P1 and + terminal is connected reliably.

8. Frequently asked questions: User password is locked

     Debugging method: you need to enter F01.00 to enter the password, and then modify it.


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