Application areas of low-voltage inverters

Application areas of low-voltage inverters

In terms of application fields, frequency converters have been applied in all walks of life in our country, such as metallurgy, chemical industry, papermaking, machinery and other industries. The use of frequency converters in the stone and textile industries is very different. Products of various grades can find corresponding users in these industries. Therefore, the chemical, stone, and textile industries are the most complex industries for frequency converter brands. Almost all brands are in the chemical, Both the stone and textile industries have markets. Common application areas of low-voltage inverters are as follows:
1. Fan
With the continuous development of industry, the application of fans has become more and more extensive, especially in the chemical, stone, and textile industries that can be applied to fans. In fan design, there is a general problem of excess air volume. When the air volume needs to be adjusted, throttling is commonly used, that is, the air door adjustment method, which is unnecessary loss. After using the frequency conversion speed control, it can be easily adjusted according to actual needs. Unnecessary loss is removed, and the power factor is improved at the same time, and its comprehensive power saving rate is above 30%.
2. Speed ​​regulating machinery
The machinery that needs speed regulation, such as: extruder, material feed regulation, conveyor belts, etc. basically use slip regulation motors, three-phase commutator motors or DC motors for speed regulation, the speed regulation performance of the speed regulation motor is not good, and the speed is stable. Poor performance, high failure rate and low efficiency. DC motors and commutator motors have complex structures, high failure rates, high maintenance costs, and sparks during operation, which is extremely unsafe. The above-mentioned motors have poor speed regulation stability. For example, using asynchronous motors and frequency converters to replace these motors can greatly improve efficiency, save electricity, reduce maintenance, safety, reliability, and short return on investment, which is extremely beneficial to improving the economic benefits of enterprises. favorable.


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