Danfoss and Vacon of Finland join hands to enter the AC inverter market

Danfoss and Vacon of Finland join hands to enter the AC inverter market


  On September 12, 2014, Danfoss announced the launch of a public tender offer for Vacon, a Finnish AC drive company, to acquire all the shares of the latter. The offer provides Vacon shareholders with a cash consideration of 34 euros per share, and the total share purchase price is approximately 1.038 billion euros.

Panu Routila, Chairman of Vacon’s Board of Directors, said: “After carefully studying Danfoss’ takeover offer, Vacon’s board of directors unanimously decided to recommend that shareholders accept the offer. On a global scale, Vacon can be regarded as a true model of industry success. The two companies work together. Establish a new AC inverter company with the goal of leading the AC inverter market and build a global company headquartered in Northern Europe."
   The background of this offer is that Danfoss will focus its strategy on creating profitable growth, and Vacon fits this vision very well. At present, Danfoss Power Electronics and Vacon are both important participants in the AC inverter business. Together, the two companies will surely achieve a stronger market position.
Danfoss CEO Niels B. Christiansen said: "We have a very clear strategic goal, that is, to occupy an absolute leader position in the market where the company has business operations. Vacon is a very good and innovative company, through building a new inverter business. It will certainly ensure that the company achieves long-term strong growth."
  Vacon is a global company with outstanding R&D, production and supply chain capabilities in China, Finland, India, Italy and the United States. It has established sales and service organizations equipped with highly skilled personnel in 31 countries. The company plays a key role in establishing a new AC inverter company that challenges the established players. As a hot spot in the global AC inverter business, Finland plays a particularly critical role. In the future, in addition to other power electronics centers in the world, Danfoss will position Finland as one of the centers of excellence in the future.
Vacon President and CEO VesaLaisi said: "I believe that the combination of the two companies will definitely introduce more competitive, innovative and attractive AC inverter products to the market, thereby bringing more benefits to consumers. Today's Vacon is better than ever, and combining with Danfoss will definitely bring a better future."


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