The development of inverter energy saving and environmental protection

The development of inverter energy saving and environmental protection

The development of frequency converter: energy saving and environmental protection play a leading role
The concept of energy saving and emission reduction is an important system for the core value of my country’s industrial economic development since the launch of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”. While pointing out the direction for the sustainable development of my country’s industry, it has also effectively expanded the activity space of the domestic inverter industry. Infinite prospects have promoted the market share of the frequency converter industry and become an important basis for the development of my country's industrial economy by virtue of its strong development. However, behind the rapid system development of my country's inverter industry, the overall strength and scale of the industry are uneven, unbalanced competitiveness, and backwardness, and many other vicious abuses have become the killer of the economic and efficient growth model of the domestic inverter industry.
The recent large-scale adjustment of the environment is enough to show the determination to conquer the environmental governance, but it also restrains enterprises from focusing on economic development and expanding the scale of enterprises, while simultaneously taking energy conservation, emission reduction, low carbon and environmental protection as a long-term enterprise. The core value and prerequisite of development. This is also the power source that guarantees the sustainable and long-term development of the inverter, PLC and electrical automation industries. However, behind the current rapid development of the domestic frequency converter industry and economy, the overall scale and strength of the domestic electrical automation industry market is uneven. The scale of many enterprises, financial strength, technical strength and industrial modules are seriously behind foreign brands, to a large extent. It has become the biggest obstacle to the sustained and high-growth mode of my country's frequency converter industry.
With the rising domestic demand for large-scale frequency conversion devices and the successful development of high-end frequency conversion products, the development of intelligent frequency converters has become a top priority. The basic performance of our frequency conversion has not reached the corresponding level, and the market has not yet developed to this level. Fortunately, we have seen that some domestic frequency conversion companies have carried out beneficial R&D practices. On the one hand, they digest foreign advanced technology and on the other hand try to introduce their own frequency conversion standards.
Therefore, it is very important to strengthen the construction of new industrialization. The so-called new industrialization is the process of industrialization without sacrificing resources and the environment. To achieve this in the process of promoting the industry by inverter companies, it is necessary to rely on continuous technical investment to lead the progress of science and technology to achieve maximum improvement The utilization efficiency of resources and energy can reduce the consumption of resources. At the same time, the development trend of frequency converters should be more intelligent, economical and environmentally friendly. It has reached the particle allocation of usable resources, reducing unnecessary waste, and implementing green The low-carbon development strategy also constrains all enterprises to reduce and reduce the discharge of waste and pollutants in the process of industrialization, and to build a resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprise. This is what all inverter companies should and must do. of.


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