Hippomonte PLC and servo are used in solid wood processing industry

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Advantages of Shandong servo system

The hydraulic actuator moves quickly and changes direction quickly. As far as the flow-speed transfer function is concerned, it is basically an oscillation link with a large natural frequency, and with the increase of the flow rate and the best matching of the parameters, the natural frequency can be increased to the natural frequency of the electro-hydraulic servo valve. compared to. The natural frequency of the electro-hydraulic servo valve is generally above 100HZ, so the frequency response of the hydraulic actuator is very fast, and it is easy to start, brake and change directions at a high speed. Compared with electromechanical system actuators, the natural frequency is usually higher.


Shandong inverter allows you to get out of the misunderstanding of inverter energy saving

Shandong inverter allows you to get out of the misunderstanding of inverter energy saving


What is the role of the frequency converter

Inverter is a kind of electrical equipment that converts industrial frequency power into AC power of any frequency and voltage. Inverter has the function of adjusting the motor speed and realizing environmental protection and energy saving. The use of inverter is mainly to adjust the power of the motor and realize the speed change of the motor. run. The composition of the frequency converter mainly includes two parts: the control circuit and the main circuit. The main circuit also includes components such as rectifier and inverter. The following is the function of the frequency converter.


The development of inverter energy saving and environmental protection

The concept of energy saving and emission reduction is an important system for the core value of my country’s industrial economic development since the launch of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”. While pointing out the direction for the sustainable development of my country’s industry, it has also effectively expanded the activity space of the domestic inverter industry. Infinite prospects have promoted the market share of the frequency converter industry and become an important basis for the development of my country's industrial economy by virtue of its strong development.