Hpmont Authorized Warranty Service Center

Jinan Chuanneng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., as an authorized joint warranty service center of Hpmont, is responsible for professional joint warranty services and after-sales maintenance of Hpmont inverters, PLCs, servo and other industrial control products.

Schneider inverter repair

The keyboard panel LCD displays: overcurrent during addition, subtraction, and constant speed. For short-term high-current OC alarms, generally there is a problem with the current detection circuit of the driver board. The module may also have been impacted (damaged), and the fault may continue to occur after reset. The reasons are basically as follows: : The arc effect occurs when the motor cable is too long, the output leakage current is too large due to critical cable selection, or the load current increases due to loose output cable joints and damaged cables.

ABB frequency converter maintenance

For the ACS300 inverter, a common fault is damage to the switching power supply. The ACS300 inverter switching power supply uses a waveform generator integrated block called LT1244 with similar functions to the UC3844. It is affected by sudden changes in the working voltage and the effects of the switching power supply. Damage to the load often causes damage to the integrated block. Due to long years of use, the electrolytic capacitor has also reached its service life, and the capacitor used for filtering has become the direct cause of damage to the switching power supply.
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