HD50 high performance vector control driver

HD50 is a high-performance vector control driver for complex, high-precision transmission applications in hoisting machinery, printing machinery, high-end machine tools and many other fields. It can provide high-precision integrated integrated solutions for equipment manufacturing customers. Three-phase 380-460V...0.75-400kW Three-phase 500-690V...18.5-400kW Application industries: high-end CNC machine tools, printing and packaging industry, lifting machinery, oil fields and mines, papermaking machinery, cable drawing industry, tractors, Coiler

HD3N high performance precision inverter

HD3N is a high-performance, small-sized inverter for general industries. Three-phase 380-460V...7.5-18kW Application industries: machine tools, printing and dyeing, drawing, textile, lifting, paper towels, glass, woodworking machinery, oil fields, fans, water pumps Related models: HD3N-P, power range is 7.5-400kW , mainly used in fans and water pump industries.

HD20 multi-function inverter

HD20 is a multi-functional low-power general-purpose inverter for OEMs, which can realize customers' miniaturization and high-reliability applications. Single-phase 200-240V……0.25-0.4kW Single/three-phase 200-240V……0.75-2.2kW Three-phase 380-460V……0.4-5.5kW Application industries: cable drawing industry, printing and packaging machinery, small machine tools , metal engraving machine, marking machine, rotary cutting machine, circular loom

HD09/HD09-S precision inverter

HD09 is the latest developed mini low-power general-purpose inverter. HD09-S is a low-power general-purpose inverter based on HD09 and using high-performance control. Single-phase 200-240V...0.25-2.2kW Three-phase 380-460V...0.4-5.5kW Application industries: fans & pumps, garage doors, rolling shutter doors, small lifting machinery, mixers, dough mixers, juicers and other small machinery , small handling systems such as conveyor belts and transverse handling, rotating machinery such as centrifuges and grinders, agricultural machinery, fitness machinery, circular looms

HDMK all-in-one machine

The special frequency converter for the four-process cutting machine has two built-in sets of motor parameters. It can control two motors with different frequencies at the same time according to needs. It can realize pre-start + zero-second switching. Compared with the previous two-to-four, it saves 8 AC contactors and saves wiring and labor. Various parameters can be customized according to customer needs

HD30 series vector control inverter

HD30 series vector control inverters use advanced customized product design concepts, select the latest generation IGBT power modules, adopt leading open-loop vector control algorithms, have rich programmable expansion functions and strong overload output capabilities, and support a variety of communications Protocols and options meet the high performance and high reliability requirements of industry customers; suitable for hoisting machinery, electric power, petrochemicals, steel, metallurgy, mining, municipal administration, plastics, HVAC, building materials, textiles, papermaking, wire drawing, and machine tools , printing and packaging industries.
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