MT550 series high-performance vector inverter

MT550 is a technological upgrade product of MT500. The product has more sophisticated hardware configuration and better protection than MT500. The motor control algorithm is also better. It adds a pulse position command port to meet common position control applications.

MT500 series vector frequency converter

MT500 is a vector inverter for asynchronous motor control and is the mainstream series of Merbeck inverter family. The product has wide power coverage, high reliability and excellent performance. It supports open-loop control and closed-loop control with encoder. It can be adapted to a variety of encoder types and field communication buses, and can satisfy the drive of most automated production equipment.

MT110 series compact vector inverter

MT110 is a compact inverter for asynchronous motor control. It has a compact structure, beautiful appearance and is easy to use. The software inherits the excellent performance, simplicity and ease of use of MT500. The hardware adopts high reliability design. MT110 can be used for various types of open-loop speed regulation/torque control, and is especially suitable for occasions with strict requirements on system cost, reliability, and volume.
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