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MT110 series compact vector inverter

MT110 is a compact inverter for asynchronous motor control. The product has a compact structure, beautiful appearance, and easy to use; the software inherits the MT500's excellent performance, simple and easy-to-use characteristics; the hardware adopts a high-reliability design. MT110 can be used for various types of open-loop speed/torque control, and is especially suitable for occasions that have strict requirements on system cost, reliability, and volume.
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Wide input voltage range: single-phase/three-phase 220V model: 200V-240V, three-phase 380V model: 380V-440V;

Small size, advanced thermal design, greatly smaller than the same type of inverter;

The wiring is convenient, the control circuit terminal adopts the spring type terminal, the screw-free installation, and the efficiency is high;

High speed control accuracy: V/F control: ±0.5%, SVC control: ±0.2%;

Standard built-in LED digital keyboard, optional external LCD liquid crystal keyboard (MTSOP0) or external LED keyboard;

The software has powerful functions, standard Modbus communication, supports virtual terminals, programmable logic applications, and complete protection functions;

Strong anti-interference ability, convenient for inverter assembly.

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Product features compact structure and excellent performance


Wide voltage design in line with international standards

Meet the needs of 380-480V three-phase power grids including Europe, North America, India, etc.


High-performance vector control to improve equipment accuracy

The maximum output frequency under vector control is up to 500Hz, which can achieve high-precision speed output within 10 times the field weakening speed range.


Perfect DC braking circuit

0.4kW-7.5kW(G) built-in brake unit. Strong braking ability: short-term braking can reach 1.1-1.4 times the rated power of the inverter; more comprehensive braking protection: with braking circuit over-current protection and braking resistor short-circuit protection.


Low speed and large torque (high starting torque)

In the vector mode, the linearity deviation of the torque curve is within 3%, the torque output is stable, the low-frequency torque is large, and the stable load-carrying operation at an ultra-low speed of 0.01 Hz can be realized. The torque mode and the speed mode can be conveniently switched, perfect The DC braking circuit scheme.


Independent air duct design

The independent air duct design can effectively prevent dust from entering the inverter and cause short-circuit failures and improve reliability; the use of long-life cooling fans with large air volume can effectively reduce the temperature rise of the inverter and ensure the reliable and stable operation of the inverter.


Speed start

It can avoid over-current faults caused by direct start and realize a smooth start; it can reduce the impact of instantaneous power failure on production; it can reduce the impact on the power grid.


Intelligent energy saving function

Through the voltage flux vector algorithm, the closed-loop control of the output voltage is realized; when the motor torque requirement is low, the excitation current is reduced according to the load current; the motor efficiency is maximized; the motor loss is reduced, and the energy loss is reduced.


Overcurrent and overvoltage suppression protection

Through real-time monitoring of the load current during operation, it is automatically limited to not exceed the set overcurrent suppression point to prevent fault tripping caused by excessive current. This function is especially suitable for some loads with large inertia or severe changes.


Strong overload capacity

60s at 150%, 10s at 180%, 0.5s at 200%; overload protection is durable.

外形编号 型号 外形及安装尺寸(mm)
A B H W D фd 安装螺丝
SIZE A MT110-0R4-S2B 66 137 145 75 115 ф5.0 M4*16
SIZE B MT110-0R7-T4B 72 165 175 86 128 ф5.0 M4*16
SIZE C MT110-5R5-T4B 108 225 235 120 158 ф5.0 M4*16


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