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FC101/FC111/FC100 series HVAC inverter

Danfoss frequency converter FC101/FC111 is a special frequency converter for fans and pumps in the HVAC industry, which can control AC motors with power up to 90kW. It integrates many dedicated functions for fans and water pumps, while achieving the most compact overall size among inverters of the same level.
  • Description
  • Parameters

    Features and Benefits:
    •Coated PCB with forced airflow to avoid electronic components. The printed circuit board is well protected inside the frequency converter.
    •The maximum operating ambient temperature can reach 50℃.
    •The built-in C3 RFI filter limits radio interference from shielded motor cables up to 25 meters long.
    •Built-in DC reactor and RFI filter.
    •Built-in PI controller, self-powered logic controller.
    •Automatic Energy Optimization (AEO) function, fire function, sleep mode, flying start, etc.
    •Multi-pump control function (only available in FC111).

    Application Industry:
    Pumps and fans.

  • 功率范围 
    3*220-240 V ..... 0.25 kW – 45 kW(仅限FC101)
    3*380-480 V ..... 0.37 kW – 90 kW
    3*525-600 V ..... 2.2 kW – 90 kW(仅限FC101)

    IP 20(仅限FC101)
    IP 21/UL 1类(单独的选件套件)
    IP 54(仅限FC101)

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