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Wecon PLC

General specifications

  LX3V series host LX3VP series host  LX3VE/LX3VM series host
Execution method Cycle scan/interrupt mode

Programming method

Instruction list/ladder diagram
Command type Basic instruction: 27/application instruction: 136+2 Application instruction 140
Execution time Basic instruction: 0.06 microseconds/application instruction: 1~10 microseconds
Program capacity 16K 64K 32K
Download and monitor Programming cable (serial type)/Micro USB
High-speed pulse output Transistor type: 2 channels (extended 4 channels)/relay type: None (extended 2 channels)
High-speed counter interrupt 6 way
Timed interrupt 3 way
Power-down save function Can be adjusted by software
Storage medium FLASH
Digital filtering Perform digital filtering on all inputs
Serial communication

COM1: RS422 or RS485

COM2: RS485

Ambient temperature

 Working temperature: 0~55℃/Storage temperature: 0~70℃

Environmental humidity 35~85% RH (no condensation)
Impact resistant

 Comply with JIS C 0040 standard

Noise resistance Comply with IEC61000-4-4 and GB/T 17626.4: noise voltage amplitude 1KVP-P, 10us pulse width, 0.3S period, edge 5ns; continuous action for 1 minute.


Output specifications

Project Relay output Transistor output
Output type -- NPN
Input loop DC 24V DC 24V
Output circuit <AC 250V or < DC 30V  DC 5~30V 
COM port current -- <0.1mA(DC 30V)
Circuit insulation Mechanical insulation Photoelectric coupling insulation
Open circuit leakage current -- 0.1mA/DC 30V

Minimum load

DC 5V 2mA


Maximum output current

Resistive load

2A/output terminal, 8A/COM terminal 0.5A/output terminal, 0.8A/COM terminal, 0.3A/high-speed output terminal
Inductive load 80VA 12W/DC 24V (High-speed output terminal: 7.2W/terminal)
Light load 100W 0.9W/DC 24V
Response time ON response <10ms <0.2ms
(High-speed output terminal: <5us)
OFF response


AC power specifications


 Hosts below 26 o'clock (including 26 o'clock)

Hosts above 26 points

Voltage range AC 85~265V 50~60Hz
Allow instantaneous stop time The host can continue to work after 10ms momentary power failure
Impulse current <15A 5ms/AC 100V;<30A 5ms/AC 200V
Power fuse 250V 3.15A 250V 3.15A
Power consumption <35w <60w
Output power DC 24V 700mA DC 24V 700mA


DC power supply specifications

Project LX3V/LX3VP/LX3VE/LX3VM host
Voltage range DC 24V±10%
Allow instantaneous stop time The host can continue to work after 10ms momentary power failure
Power fuse 250V 3.15A
Impulse current <15A 1ms/DC 24V
Power consumption <30w(Excluding the external power supply part of the expansion module)
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