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HD3N high-performance precision inverter

HD3N is a high-performance, small-volume inverter for general industry. Three-phase 380-460V……7.5-18kW Application industry: machine tool, printing and dyeing, wire drawing, textile, lifting, paper towel, glass, woodworking machinery, oil field, fan, water pump Related models: HD3N-P, power range is 7.5-400kW , Mainly used in the fan and water pump industries.


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    High performance, small size

    High-performance SVC control, high precision

    Small size, about 70% of general machinery, saving installation space


    Flexible digital input signal

    Programmable bipolar signal input, compatible with AC and DC signal input.

    -DC input voltage range 15-56VDC, compatible with 24, 36, 48VDC

    -AC input voltage range 12-54VAC, compatible with 36, 48VAC


    Rich industry applications

    Process PID adjustment function

    Simple PLC function

    Textile swing frequency function

    Fixed length control function

    Multi-speed control


    Built-in standard energy consumption braking unit


    Standard LCD operation panel


    Chinese display, easy to use

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