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HD20 Multifunctional Inverter

HD20 is a multi-functional low-power general-purpose inverter for OEMs, which can realize customers' miniaturization and high-reliability applications. Single-phase 200-240V……0.25-0.4kW Single/three-phase 200-240V……0.75-2.2kW Three-phase 380-460V……0.4-5.5kW


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    Rich industry applications

    Process PID adjustment function

    Simple PLC function

    Textile swing frequency function

    Fixed length control function

    Multi-speed control


    Smart control method

    High-performance SVC control method

    Linear, square V/f curve

    Customizable V/f curve and acceleration/deceleration curve

    Automatic limit of current and voltage


    Super smooth speed tracking

    Automatically track the speed and direction of the motor to achieve smooth and shock-free starting of the motor.


    Compact structure

    Compact structure design, can be installed side by side.


    Adapt to complex grid environment

    Power-on self-starting function: automatic process control can be realized without human intervention.

    Instantaneous power failure non-stop function: to avoid the impact on production when the power grid drops suddenly.

    Input voltage adaptive adjustment function: It has high robustness to grid fluctuations.



    Electric energy meter and running chronograph

    Bipolar analog input

    Remote/local one-key switch

    A variety of ways to jog start


    Optional DIN rail mounting

    Standard built-in dynamic braking unit

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