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HC10 series intelligent controller

HC10 series IPLC intelligent controller, the maximum number of main modules is up to 64 points, flexible networking, support for CAN bus expansion, rich communication interface, program hardware encryption protection.


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    01 High Expansion

    The main module can reach up to 64 points, and it supports up to 8 expansion modules, including IO modules, analog modules and temperature modules;

    02 Highly compatible communication

    2 standard RS485, 1 standard RS422, 1 CAN bus interface (optional), support master-slave mode, flexible networking;

    03 Encryption program

    Support password encryption and hardware encryption (reading prohibited)

    04 Rich configuration

    Support analog input and output (optional), saving analog modules;

    05 Support high-speed pulse

    Up to 4 high-speed pulse input and output;

    06 Data is saved when power off

    Flash save, support user data and special address power-off save;

    07 clock

    Support clock with calendar for convenient date control


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