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HD09/HD09-S precision inverter

HD09 is the newly developed mini low-power universal inverter. HD09-S is a low-power general-purpose inverter with high-performance control based on HD09.


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    Leading V/f control and high-performance SVC control

    HD09 is V/f control, HD09-S is V/f, SVC control.

    Ultra-thin structure design

    The thickness is only 125mm, and it can be installed side by side, saving installation space.

    Large size LCD display

    Blue backlight display, 5-digit segment code, 5 status indications, 5 unit indications.

    Personalized button design

    Adopt IEC60417, GB/T15192 standard design.

    Built-in EMI filter

    Meet the EMI requirements of the IEC61800-3 standard. Easy to disconnect design, can be used in low leakage current occasions.

    Intuitive product power label

    Can easily and quickly identify products.

    Support built-in braking resistor

    Optional built-in 100W thin braking resistor.

    Independent potentiometer design

    The output frequency and process PID setting can be set.


    Simple 3 steps, wiring can be used, convenient and fast.

    Sheet metal bottom shell, plastic shell

    The installation is reliable, the top is sealed, and the protection is good.

    Optional DIN rail mounting


    Analog terminal can be used as digital terminal (HD09)

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