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HD50 high performance vector control driver

HD50 is a high-performance vector control driver for complex and high-precision transmission applications in many fields such as hoisting machinery, printing machinery, and high-end machine tools. It can provide equipment manufacturing customers with high-precision integrated integrated solutions.


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    Asynchronous and synchronous motors can be driven

    Asynchronous and synchronous motor drive switching can be performed by setting parameters.


    The product voltage level is higher

    Contains 500-690VAC voltage input products.


    Higher performance VC control method

    Speed ​​control accuracy: ±0.05%

    Speed ​​control range: 1:1000

    Torque control response: <50ms< span="">

    Starting torque: 200% rated torque/0Hz


    No trip operation

    Excellent current and voltage control algorithms, advanced over-current suppression, under any acceleration/deceleration time and impact load conditions, can achieve no-current and non-trip operation.


    Torque control

    Torque control/speed control can be adjusted flexibly

    Multiple torque setting methods


    Tension control

    A variety of tension control options

    Built-in roll diameter automatic calculation module

    Advanced inertia compensation algorithm

    Flexible adjustment of tension taper

    Automatic detection of material break


    Simple Servo

    Servo positioning mode, spindle orientation mode


    Provide rich encoder cards

    Adapt to various encoders, with frequency division output

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