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Siemens S7-1200plc

Siemens S7-1200 low-end compact controller, large-scale integration, space saving, powerful


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    • Low-end compact controller
    • Large-scale integration, space saving, powerful function
    • With excellent real-time performance and powerful communication options:
    o Controller with integrated PROFINET IO interface, which can communicate with SIMATIC controllers, HMI, programming devices and other automation components
    • All CPUs can be used in stand-alone mode, network and distributed structure
    • Installation, programming and operation are extremely easy
    • Integrated Web server with standard and user-specific Web pages
    • Data logging function, used to archive the running data of the user program
    • Powerful integrated technology functions, such as counting, measuring, closed-loop control and motion control
    • Integrated digital and analog input/output
    • Flexible expansion equipment
    o Signal board that can be directly used in the controller
    o Signal modules that can expand the controller through I/O channels
    o Accessories, such as power supplies, switch modules or SIMATIC memory cards, etc.


    The SIMATIC S7-1200 controller is used to handle open-loop and closed-loop control tasks in mechanical equipment manufacturing and plant construction.
    Due to its modular compact design and high performance, SIMATIC S7-1200 is suitable for a wide range of automation applications. Its application range extends from replacing relays and contactors to complex automation tasks in networks and distributed structures.

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