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Siemens S7-200smart

SIMATIC S7-200 SMART is a cost-effective small PLC product tailored for Chinese customers by Siemens after extensive market research.


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    SIMATIC S7-200 SMART product highlights

    Rich models, more choices
    Provide CPU modules with multiple types and rich I/O points, with a single I/O point up to 60 points, which can meet the control needs of most small automation equipment. In addition, the CPU module is equipped with standard and economical models for users to choose. For different application requirements, the product configuration is more flexible and the cost is controlled to a greater extent.


    Option expansion, precise customization
    The novel signal board design can expand the communication port, digital quantity channel, analog quantity channel, and clock hold function. On the premise of not occupying additional space in the electric control cabinet, the signal board expansion can more closely fit the user's actual configuration, improve the utilization rate of the product, and reduce the user's expansion cost.


    High-speed chip, excellent performance
    Equipped with Siemens special high-speed processor chip, the basic instruction execution time can reach 0.15µs, which is far ahead of the small PLC of the same level. A powerful “core” allows you to behave calmly when dealing with cumbersome program logic and complex process requirements.


    Ethernet interconnection, economic and convenient
    The CPU module body is equipped with a standard Ethernet interface, which integrates a powerful Ethernet communication function.
    The program can be downloaded to the PLC through an ordinary network cable, no special programming cable is required, which is not only convenient to obtain, but also effectively reduces the user's cost.
    Through the Ethernet interface, it can also communicate with other CPU modules, touch screens, and computers for easy networking.


    Three-axis pulse, free movement
    The CPU module body more integrates 3 high-speed pulse outputs, the frequency is up to 100KHz, supports PWM/PTO output mode and multiple motion modes, and the motion envelope can be set freely. Equipped with a convenient and easy-to-use wizard setting function, it can quickly realize the functions of equipment speed adjustment and positioning.
    Universal SD card, fast update
    The CPU body integrates a Micro SD card slot. The program update and PLC firmware upgrade can be realized by using a universal Micro SD card on the market. The operation steps are simple, which greatly facilitates the remote service support of customer engineers for end users, and also saves it. The inconvenience of returning to factory service due to PLC firmware upgrade.


    Software friendly, efficient programming
    On the basis of inheriting the powerful functions of Siemens programming software, it incorporates more humanized design, such as novel ribbon menu, fully mobile interface window, convenient program annotation function, strong password protection, etc. While experiencing powerful functions, it greatly improves development efficiency and shortens the time to market.


    Better integration, seamless integration
    SIMATIC S7-200 SMART programmable controller, SMART LINE touch screen, SINAMICS V90 servo system and SINAMICS V20 inverter are more optimally integrated, bringing OEM customers a cost-effective small automation solution to meet customers’ requirements for automatic control, human-computer interaction, All-round demand for servo positioning and frequency conversion speed regulation.

     Siemens S7-200smart

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