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DVP-ES2/EX2/ES2-C series

Standard/analog hybrid host, omni-directional standard host


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    Product Features

    Integrated communication function, built-in 1 set of RS-232, 2 sets of RS-485 communication ports, both support MODBUS master/slave mode;
    Newly launched DVP32ES2-C: CANopen 1Mbps communication host, and DVP30EX2: Analog/temperature hybrid host

    • DVP-ES2 provides 16/20/24/32/40/60 point I/O host to meet various applications
    • DVP20EX2 has a built-in 12-bit 4AI/2AO, and can be equipped with a 14-bit AIO expansion module, with the built-in PID Auto Tuning function, to provide a complete analog control solution
    • DVP30EX2 provides an integrated analog/temperature control controller with a built-in 16-bit 3AI/1AO with built-in temperature PID Auto Tuning function to provide a complete analog control solution.
    • 32ES2-C built-in 1Mbps CANopen communication, combined with a new generation of host processing speed, built field equipment with high anti-interference and wiring-saving advantages.
    • Program capacity: 16k steps Data register: 10k words
    • Higher than the PLC processing speed of the same level, LD: 0.54μs, MOV: 3.4μs
    • For large program capacity, provide high-efficiency processing capability, 1k steps can be processed within 1ms
    • Provides 100kHz pulse control, which can be used with various motion control instructions (such as masking, benchmarking, immediate frequency change, etc.) to be accurately applied to various multi-axis motion control
    • Up to 4 levels of PLC password protection to protect users’ intellectual property rights

    Application field

    Circular loom, elevator control, packaging machine, feeder, capacitor cutting foot machine (stepping motor control), food processing machine, landscape fountain, spinning machine, winding machine (tension control), conveyor belt (speed control)

  • 技术规格

    ES2/EX2 系列主机

    ES2/EX2 数字输入/输出模块(AC电源供应)

    S2/EX2 系列数字/模拟模块(直流24V供应)


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