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Emco DH/DHG AC asynchronous servo spindle motor


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    Features of DH series AC asynchronous servo spindle motor

    1. Introduce German AMK technology for production.

    2. After years of digestion, absorption and innovation, we have mastered the core technology of the servo spindle motor.

    3. Under the conditions of the same power and the same rated speed, the servo motor has the smallest volume and the lightest weight.

    4. Servo motor overload capacity: 1.5 times overload for 30 minutes, 2 times overload for 5 minutes, and 3 times overload for 0.5 minutes.

    5. The rated voltage and rated speed of the servo motor can be customized according to customer needs.

    6. The maximum speed is 15000, suitable for use on high-speed spindles such as machining centers, engraving and milling machines.


    Applicable to various CNC machine tools                        ;     Processing features

    ◆ CNC LatheCNC Milling Machine                     ◆ Low-speed thread processing              ◆ Precision machining over 6000 revolutions

    ◆ CNC boring machine for machining center                     ◆ Low speed heavy cutting           ◆ rigid tapping

    ◆ Gantry milling machine CNC vertical lathe                      ◆Independent stop                     ◆ C axis function    


    Safe & Reliable

    Products comply with international standards and have passed CE certification. Set up multiple protection circuits to fully protect the safety of the equipment. All products have undergone strict testing to ensure that the factory products are 100% qualified.


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