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FC101/FC111/FC100 series HVAC inverter

丹佛斯变频器FC101/FC111是一种HVAC行业风机水泵专用型变频器,可以控制功率高达 90kW 的交流电动机。集成众多风机水泵专用功能,同时实现同级别变频器中最紧凑的外形尺寸。
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    Features and advantages:
    • Coated PCB, forced ventilation to avoid electronic components. The printed circuit board is well protected inside the inverter.
    • The maximum operating environment temperature can reach 50°C.
    • The built-in C3 radio frequency interference filter can limit the radio interference generated by the shielded motor cable up to 25 meters.
    • Built-in DC reactor and RFI filter.
    •Built-in PI controller, self-powered logic controller.
    • Automatic energy optimization (AEO) function, fire function, sleep mode, flying start, etc.
    • Multi-pump control function (only provided by FC111).

    Application industry:
    Pumps, fans.

  • Power range:
    3*220-240 V ..... 0.25 kW – 45 kW (FC101 only)
    3*380-480 V ..... 0.37 kW – 90 kW
    3*525-600 V ..... 2.2 kW – 90 kW (FC101 only)

    Optional enclosure protection level:
    IP 20 (FC101 only)
    IP 21/UL Class 1 (separate option kit)
    IP 54 (FC101 only)

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