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ATV310 frequency converter



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    Power range:
    Heavy load: 0.37~22kW
    Normal load: 0.37~30kW
    voltage range:
    380V(-15%)~460V(10%), three-phase
    Over current capability:
    Heavy load: 150% 60s
    Frequent load: 110% 60s
    Operating temperature:
    Heavy load: -10℃~55℃ rated operation, no need to derate; maximum operation temperature is 60℃
    Normal load: -10℃~50℃ rated operation, no need to derating; maximum operation temperature is 60℃
    Compliance with IEC60721-3-3 standard 3C3, 3S2
    operating frequency:
    2~12kHz, the factory default is 4kHz
    CE (European Union)
    EAC (Russia)

  • The advantages of ATV310 frequency converter are as follows:
    • Normal load/heavy load compatibility
    • Heavy load can achieve 55℃ without derating
    • The whole series can be used for vector control
    • 1.5kW and above built-in brake unit
    • Anti-corrosion coating, durable
    • Compact size, saving space
    • Simple downloader/multi-function downloader can be used to configure parameters to improve debugging efficiency
    • full functioning

    The ATV310 frequency converter is suitable for general mechanical equipment and small fan pumps, and can be widely used in the following fields:
    • Material handling
    • Packaging and Printing
    • Woodworking machinery
    • metal processing
    • Textile machinery
    • Ceramic machinery
    • Livestock and breeding
    • HVAC, fountain
    • Various applications such as fan and pump


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