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ATV71 inverter

0.75到 630 kW 高性能高过转矩变频器


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    200V~220V: 0.37-75kW
    380V~480V: 0.75-500kW
    500V~690V: 2.2-630kW
    Speed adjustment by magnetic flux vector control with or without sensor
    Overcurrent capability: 150%, 60 seconds; 165%, 2 seconds
    Advanced Chinese graphic terminal: plain text, navigation buttons, configurable function keys, "simple start" menu, standard 8 languages
    Protect the motor and inverter
    "Power off" safety function, ATEX safety function
    More than 150 functions are available: PID regulator, suitable for brake control of movement, lifting and rapid directional movement...
    Integrate Modbus and CANopen
    Input/output expansion card, encoder interface card
    Communication card: Profinet, EtherCat, Profinet, Modbus TCP Daisy Chain, Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet, Profibus DP V1, Uni-Telway/Modbus, Interbus-S, CC-Link
    Built-in controller programmable card"

  • "High over-torque and heavy-duty application products
    Ultra-wide voltage range:
    380-15%~480+10%, the maximum allowable grid drop: 50%
    Ultra-wide working environment temperature range: the allowable temperature without derating is 50℃, and the derating can reach 60℃
    Built-in braking unit up to 160kW
    CI card or ATV-IMC card (programmable controller) can be used to achieve various complex requirements
    Standard lifting application: perfect brake logic control
    Full range of built-in EMC filters
    Standard DC reactor (380V product) to suppress harmonics
    Complete communication protocol: standard Modbus and CANopen, support all mainstream industrial buses
    Open to all communication networks, application software, users...
    The ATV 71 can provide sophisticated solutions for all your specific needs"


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