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MS300 series

台达精巧标准型矢量控制变频器 MS300 兼具小型化、高功能、高信赖度、安装简便等优势,将每一份工业资源的投入转化为丰硕的成果。 优化的结构与免锁螺丝端子设计提供便利的检修流程,节省安装与维修时间。 友善的使用接口,透过用途选择,便能轻易的完成参数设定。内置USB功能,更可快速的参数复制,提高生产效率。


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    feature of product

    Support open loop control of induction motor and permanent magnet motor
    Output frequency range 0~599Hz (standard model)
    High frequency 1500Hz output (high speed model)
    Built-in PLC can be programmed (2K steps)
    Built-in 33kHz high-speed pulse input terminal x1 (MI7)
    Built-in 33kHz high-speed pulse output terminal x1 (DFM)
    EMC filter (built-in/optional)
    Torque Off (SIL2/PLd) with safety certification
    Full range of built-in brake crystals
    New circuit board coating (IEC 60721-3-3 class 3C2) to enhance environmental resistance
    5-digit high-brightness LED keypad (you can use the E/M/B extension cord to pull out to the control panel panel)
    Support multiple communication interfaces: PROFIBUS DP, Modbus TCP, EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, CANopen
    Application field

    Machine tools, textile machines, woodworking machinery, packaging machines, electronics manufacturing, fans, pumps, air compressors


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